The Brigadier General Barnard E. Bee Camp 1575 Sons of Confederate Veterans


1994 Officers


Cdr.                              Fred Cota

1st. Lt.                          Charles Thompson

2nd. Lt.                         Paul Jolley

Adjutant/Editor               Bill Bushall

Treasurer                       Tom Anderson

Quartermaster               Lynn Kirkland


Chaplain                        Tommy Robertson

Judge Advocate             Jack Neville

Surgeon                        Tony Messier

Color Sergeant               Joel Lambert

Historian                       Frank Byrd



2nd. annual Lee-Jackson Banquet
held with Col. JEB Stuart IV and 200 compatriots. JEB Stuart inducted our Real Son Jacob Garvin and recognize a Real Daughter - Emma Cornelia Milling, Tom Anderson's Great Aunt.  Chaired by Compatriots Bushall and Cota.


Col. Stuart donated, J.E.B. Stuart, signed by John Thomason and copy of his speech, "The Glory They Won Shall Not Wane for Us", to the camp library.


Compatriot Frank Byrd donates 1st National Flag to camp.  


March 7, 1994 Charter of the William H. Duncan Camp in Barnwell, Bill Bushall and Brian Givens mustering officers.  Compatriots Tom Anderson, Clair Henkes, Pete Peters, Tommy Robertson, Fred Cota, Bill Bushall, Paul Jolley, and Frank Byrd attend charter ceremony.  Pictured Div Lt Cdr Bill Bushall presents Brian Given mustering officers medal.


March camp meeting induction of camp members Lamar Ledford and Ralph Burleson

SC Div. Convention attended by Compatriots Frank Byrd, Tommy Robertson, Paul Jolley, Tom Thomas, Wayne Cox and Bill Bushall.  Below Tommy, Paul and Bill at the Camps booth.


Camp earned Division 2nd place newsletter award.  Compatriot Bill Bushall earns 2nd Stonewall Jackson Award, and elected Div. Lt. Commander.  Maggie Bushall was presented Division Ladies Appreciation Medal 12                               

Compatriots Frank Byrd, Shannon Bushall granted Guardian Pro Tem status.  Bill Bushall receives Camps first full Guardian Status, Division’s 8th, presented by Div Cdr Bob Brown. 4/94

Camp established formal standing committees with chairmen for 94:

Beech Island Heritage Days

Compatriot Dennis Hendrix

Memorial Day Activities

Compatriot Pete Peters

Lee-Jackson Banquet

Compatriot Bill Bushall by default


Jeff Davis Hwy Marker

Compatriot Bill Bushall

Battle of Aiken

Compatriot Fred Cota



Camp members buy brick at the Confederate Library in Memphis for BG Barnard E. Bee.

Compatriots; Pete Peters, Paul Jolley, Fred Cota, David Pearson, Bill Bushall, and Tom Thomas, participate in local Memorial Day activities by placing flags and wreath at local cemetery, with UDC, local school children and reenactors at St. Thadeus Church. 5/94    More pictures 12   Newspaper article


Confederate Memorial Day Columbia May 7, Program 1, 2, ribbon. 

Camp members attend Co. AYTCH program in Waynesboro, GA program 1, 2

Camp participates in Beech Island Heritage Days with information booth and sale of Confederate items, and chicken dinners, made approximately $1500. 5/94

June 14, letter to editor about heritage


First History Scholarship for USC-A in the amount of $500 presented, 6/94.

Compatriots Bill Bushall and Carl Elliott attend 99th Reunion of the SCV in Mobile, AL.  Camp earns 2nd. Dr. B.H. Webster Scrap Book Award, scrap book cover made by Jerry Hale in trade for an antique block plane and was painted by Signs by Scotty.  Compatriot Bushall earns Gold Dixie Club membership Medal, and is appointed to International Members Brochure Committee and SCV Medal of Honor Committee. 8/94




More pictures 12, 3, 4, 5, Better picture of article 1, 2

Camp adopts Hwy. 78 east of Aiken, which represents path of Gen. Fighten Joe Wheeler, for the defense of Aiken. 9/94 if you have a picture please send, would be nice to show.

Oct members attend Ladies Night at the Kinard Camp program 1, 2

Members attend 100th Anniversary of the first SCV Camp in SC. Nov 19, 1994

SC Div with national dignitaries.  Note, our camp flag in the forground.


 l to r, Ken Temples, Wyman Webb, Bill Bushall, Shannon Bushall, Eugene Barron, sorry forgot.

Original picture from 1894

more pictures, 12, 3, 4, 56, 7, 8, Bill Bushall and Dennis Todd 9, 1011

Camp sponsors new camp Sgt. Berry Benson in North Augusta, 4 members transfer, Compatriot Bill Bushall and Jason Goings Mustering Officers.  Attending charter meeting were Compatriots Cota, Byrd, Peters, Arnett and Thompson. 12/3/94 transfers David Pearson, Jason Goings, and Dan Reese.


Cdr. Bushall presides over camp chartering of the Colleton Rangers, Walterboro, SC. 12/3/94  Colleton Camp Charter Announcement 1, 2, New Article 3


Camp has clean up day at Graniteville Cemetery properly covering with white rock, provided by Tom Anderson and Sons Constrution 15 Confederate Soldiers grave sites and general cleaning in the cemetery. 9/94


Compatriots Van Lowder and Ted Voigt pass on.  A brick for Van was purchased and placed at the Wade Hampton Veterans Park in North Augusta.


Compatriots Bill Bushall & Frank Byrd and members of the Benson Camp are featured in a TV spot on the evening WRDW Channel 12 news.


Compatriots Bill Bushall, Paul Jolley, Clair Henkes, Terry Westbrook and Joel Lambert presented with division recruiters medal for recruiting five or more new members into the camp.

Dec 29, 1994 members attend “Jefferson Davis” program by Ron Wilson, hosted by the 15th SC Camp in Lexington.  Program 1, 2.





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